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Participate in the 4th Cartoon Africa Int’l Biennial (CAIB) Festival &Traveling Cartoon Campaigns!

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“AFRICA OF THE FUTURE: Sustainable Development through Youth Empowerment”

It is resiliently growing. Every other year, within the prism of graphic humour and edutainment, it brings together international cartoonists, cartoon animators, comic artists, multimedia experts from Africa and around the world to Nigeria - through their creative works - to interface and share ideas and innovations that can change the creative economy of Africa, and to lend their artistic voices in drawing attention to crucial development issues in Africa not given the attention they deserved.

It’s the 4th edition of Cartoon Africa International Biennial (CAIB) Festival!

According toFrancis Umendu Odupute, initiator and curator of this biennial public education media/art program, “The central theme of CAIB2018/2019 is:  “AFRICA OF THE FUTURE: Sustainable Development through Youth Empowerment.” For this edition, we are consolidating on our youth capacity building in cartoon and comedic art, cartoon animation and general pictorial storytelling, and we’re leveraging on ICT to expand our engagements and training frontiers to eLearning program, especially for African girls.

Odupute said, “Since its establishment in November, 2012, the Cartoon Africa International Biennial (CAIB) festival has resiliently and consistently focused on fostering creative dialogues and broadening audience engagement on securing Africa of the future. So far, the CAIB festival has successfully fostered dialogues that had deep impacts on youths, promoted cross cultural creative exchanges cum creative tourism, as well as capacity building and moral capital development in favour of Africa’s productivity in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Cartoon Africa International Festival Initiator Calls for Partnership to Build N4.2b Int’l Cartoon Museum and Animation Centre

CAIB Media

As the CARTOON AFRICA INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL (CAIB) FESTIVAL enters its 4th edition in Benin City, Nigeria, this year, 2018, Mr. Francis Umendu Odupute, initiator and curator of the collaborative cartoons and comedic arts  fiesta and Director of Francodus International Communications (FIC), an art/media business registered in Nigeria, has made an open call for private, public partnership locally and globally, to enable the organization (FIC)and its implementing partners to fully realize and sustain the international social impart cum cartoon business initiative.

Odupute told newsmen in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, recently  that the 4th Cartoon Africa International Biennial (CAIB) festival will be hosted by Crowne Art Gallery (inside Hexagon), 2A, Golf Course Road, G.R.A., Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, from  23rd - 30th November, 2018.

According to him, the proposed ‘CartoonAfrica Museum & Animation Centre’, when fully established, would become a global reference point and the pride of African cartoon and animation industry of the future, adding that the multi-purpose and all-inclusive initiative cannot be achieved without concrete private and public partnership and financial support. He said at this stage of the CAIB program, with a series of strategic fundraising training workshops, traveling advocacy cartoon campaigns and collaborative creative education, art cum media projects planned to last about 24 months after the opening of the 4th CAIB festival 2018/2019, in November, 2018, the sponsorship cum partnership call had become inevitable.

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Loading… CAIB’s ‘OPEN CARTOON CAMPAIGN’ on the Environment to Tour Parts of Africa

CAIB Media

And the “Loading…” continues!? The above mega length editorial cartoon by Francodus entitled CONSEQUENCES, will lead many other punchy and engaging environment and health related cartoons, comics, photo stories and info-graphics contributed to CAIB project by various cartoonists and photojournalists from across the world on a traveling campaign engaging youths of Africa on sustaining the environment. Have we got news for you?

It was the third time in 6 years that art and media experts interfaced with other relevant stakeholders in development communication were gathered in Nigeria to dialogue and deploy comedic art and media in addressing socio-political health and environment issues and other social development concerns in favour of Africa’s development and productivity, within the prism of graphic humour, edutainment and creative eductions.

An interface of both the young and the old, pundits and green horns, teachers and students, media practitioners and media consumers; the general public - all were gathered at the NUJ Press Center in Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria, on November 24, 2016, to witness the formal flag off of a planned touring ‘Open Cartoon Campaign’ on “Sustaining the Environment through Youth Engagement” as  the high point of the 3rd Cartoon Africa International Biennial (CAIB), with the theme: “SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT EQUALS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”.  

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CAIB Hosts 1st Visual Journalism and Media Art Training Course In Nigeria

CAIB Media
Young African Female Journalists Eager to Cartoon, Thanks to CAIB Visual Journalism Course!
The dearth of female professional press cartoonists, comic artists, photojournalists in Africa’s mainstream mass media remains a critical human communication concern in Africa. But recently in Nigeria, some African strategic thinkers and development communicators began to question and challenge the status quo through the growing international art and media collaborative: Cartoon Africa International Biennial (CAIB) festival.

One of the ways this is yielding fruits is the Francodus International Communications (FIC)-led game-changing CAIB Visual Journalism and Media Art training course cum capacity building for African youths held during the 3rd edition of the cartoon event (CAIB2016/2017) which opened on November 24, 2016, at the Press Center of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Edo State council, No. 1 Reservation Road, G.R.A, in Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria.

For three days the up-and-coming African journalists, university students, mass communication interns, practicing journalists interfaced with journalism experts, professional artists, photographers, cartoon animators and multimedia storytellers, to learn the fundamentals of visual journalism in the context of capacity building in reporting the environment and other health issues through visual journalism/information graphics.

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My Health is in My Hands!

CAIB Media
Cartoon Characters Help School Kids Take Responsibility As BFI Commences WinS Project in Edo State, Nigeria

My health is in my hands!

From Evbuotubu Primary school, Ugiagbe Primary school to Dayspring Nursery, Primary, Junior and Senior secondary schools, the slogan was the same: “”!  School kids affirmed their resolve. The Beautiful Feet International (BFI) WinS project is making them catch on how to take responsibility for their own health and wellness in school and at home as a good way to securing their future despite the prevailing poor environmental learning conditions they are daily being subjected to due to annual flooding, environmental degradation and government neglect which has made WASH emergency higher in the area. All the schools in the WinS project are in Evbuotubu, a flood prone community in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria.

The BFI team of media and development specialists in collaboration with Horizon International is currently offering WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) education outreach materials to schools in flood-prone areas of the country as an intervention.

Working together with local educators, the media service of BFI is currently visiting schools in selected communities in Edo State where they engage with schoolchildren on health and wellness education. They are distributing for free WASH4All comic books and other info-graphics aimed at teaching schoolchildren the importance of clean water, good hygiene, and improved sanitation practices that will ultimately reduce the prevalence of water-borne childhood illnesses. This effort is made possible with additional support of a seed grant from The Pollination Project (TPP) and the support of individual friends of BFI.

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Securing the Future: CAIB Fosters Dialogues and Broadens Public Awareness...

CAIB Media
Cartoon Africa International Biennial (CAIB) Fosters Dialogues, Broadens Public Awareness and Engages Youths in Environmental Protection in Africa
Since 2012 when the collaborative agenda to deploy cartoons and comedic art, photojournalism, cartoon animation/multimedia tools, etc. to address vital development concerns in Africa not given the attention they deserved debuted in Lagos, Nigeria. 

The project is gradually building up into a movement of sorts as it continues to gain more visibility and attract attention of key stakeholders locally in the context of achieving some of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa through media advocacy, youth engagement creative education and capacity building for  visual journalists in Africa.

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Post-2015 Development Agenda

CAIB Media
Pundits Say Cartoon Africa Intl Biennial Will Fast Track Public Awareness and Behavior Changes on Many Fronts  

The 2nd edition of “CARTOON AFRICA INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL (CAIB) festival” hosted by the Edo State Ministry of Arts, Culture and Tourism at the Oba Akenzua Cultural Center, in Benin City, Nigeria, has been described by pundits, social science cum art critics and other stakeholders as a potential catalyst for social reengineering, public awareness and behavior changes across Africa and the rest of the world.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing that you have done to bring together international cartoonists here in Benin City, and it’s the hope that you get increasing support for this particular event so that you can hold it continually”, said an American, Professor Jean Borgatti, at the CAIB festival exhibition opening penultimate Thursday.

The CAIB festival seeks to explore how  Art, in synergy with allied fields/professions,  can provide ANSWER to a wide variety of issues and concerns in favour of Africa’s sustainable development and productivity while professionally researching, showcasing, promoting, rewarding excellence in the use of cartoons and graphic humour to address issues of public interest, in the context of public education.

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