Festival News

It was indeed one of the most challenging creative and intellectual tasks of their lives in one sitting - selecting the best from a bunch of bests!
But for some 5 complete hours in a stretch, a steep eight-man jury led by international awards-winning cartoon journalist and artist, Francis Umendu Odupute, the initiator and curator of the first Cartoon Africa International Biennial Festival (CAIB), graded and selected what they regarded as the “ground-breakers” in a history-making communication art strategy deploying cartoons and humour Art to collaboratively push for sustainable development in Africa, and to promote African cartooning culture, artistic excellence and cultural exchanges in a global context, within the prism of humour. 
The National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM), through the National Museum, Benin City, Edo State, provided the venue/space for the CAIB-2012 jury exercise with some of its Exhibition Unit staff fully involved to ensure the comfort of all jury members and that the selection process went in line with international best practices and in conformity with the thematic framework of the CAIB 2012 programme. Finally, the following results emerged from the office of the CAIB-2012 Central Working Committee: 

A.  Caricature Category:  “Celebrating African Heroes & Heroines”
1stposition:  “A Dove for Mandela” by Mariagrazia “Gio” Quaranta - (Italy)
2ndposition:“African Caravanserai: The Nobel Peace 2011: Tawakkul Karman, Ellen Johnson Sieleaf, and Leymah Gbowee” by Zordan Danieles - (Vicenza)
3rdposition:  “Mandela” by Marco D’Agostino - (Italy)
Honourable Mention: “Robert Mangaliso Sabukwe” by Erico Junqueira Ayres - (Brazil)

B.  Editorial Cartoon/Comic Strips Category:  “Against Violence Against Women”
1stposition:“No More Violence Against Women and Children” by Thubelihle Hlela - (South Africa)
2ndposition:“Untitled” by Eb Asukwo - (Nigeria)
3rdposition:“Where’s Her Eye” by Ismail Kar - (Turkey)
Honourable Mentions:
1. “Beautiful Shackles” by Bing Ling - (China)
2. “Untitled” by Serpil Kar - (Turkey)
3.  “Untitled” by Vladimir Kazanevsky - (Ukraine)

C. “The Africa I See”
1stposition:“Untitled” by Andrzej Pacult - (USA)
2ndposition:“Oil for Food” by Mariagrazia “Gio” Quaranta - (Italy)
3rdposition:“Governments of the Africa” by Erico Junqueira Ayres - (Brazil)
Honourable Mentions:
1. “Future” by Andrea Bersani - (Italy)
2. “Always the Same” by Raquel Orzuj - (Uruguay)
3. “Untitled” by Boubaya Ali Faiz - (Algeria)

D.  Free Theme
1stposition:“Untitled” by Ismail Hasan - (Syria)
2ndposition:“The Humanitarian Help” by Makhmudjon Eshonkulov - (Uzbekistan)
3rdposition:“Hijacking not the Answer” by William H. Lockett (USA)
Honourable Mentions:
1. “Lagos Residents…” by John Otu - (Nigeria)
2. “Survival School” by Valery Chmyriov - (Ukraine)
3. “Untitled” by Hao Yanpeng - (China)
4. “Untitled” by Oguz Gurel - (Turkey)

It’s all about African development! Under the central theme: “UNITED STATES OF AFRICA: Matters Arising”, the pilot CAIB festival/exhibition of the winning cartoons and other selected artworks opened on 23rd November, 2012, at White Space in Ikoyi, Lagos State.
Follow-up travelling exhibitions, cartoon workshops and fund-raising Art auctions, books and merchandise sales, hopefully will be held in various selected towns and cities across Nigeria as well as in parts of Africa, between December 2012 and December 2013, depending on funding and sponsorships from prospective supporters and partners of the CAIB programme.
Says the CAIB initiator: “We are deploying cartoons, in particular, and humour Art, in general, as a creative development education/public enlightenment strategy to draw attention, fight societal evils, spread awareness and promote human dignity, to drive productivity, equity, moral capital development and innovative human/cultural resources development across Africa in a global context.
CAIB strategically aims at creating a strong, all-inclusive platform to effectively promote African Cartooning, graphic communication/visual journalism and visual literature with an attitude.”
- Issued by THE CAIB Team 2012. 

Contestants in the CAIB 2012 Festival Contest

1. Boubaya Faiz - Algeria
2. Arsen Gevorgyan - Armenia
3. Andre Mathijs - Belgium
4. Vitaly Bondar - Belarus
5. Resad Sultanovic - Bosnia
6. Erico Ayres - Brazil
7. Bing Ling - China
8. Hao Janpeng - China
9. Jia Rui Jun - China
10. Li Kui Jun - China
11. Munguia Francisco - Costa Rica
12. Stephen Mumberson - England
13. Enn Ehala - Estonia
14. Demetrios Coutarelli - Greece
15. Serafim Bakoulis - Greece
16. Panduranga Rao - India
17. Andrea bersani - Italy
18. Mariagrazia “Gio” Quaranta - Italy
19. Marco D’Agostino - Italy
20. Gazizov Aidarbek - Kazakhstan
21. E.B Asukwo - Nigeria


22. John Otu - Nigeria
23. Obayuwana Collins - Nigeria
24. Henryk Cebulah - Poland
25. Zbigniew Piszczako - Poland
26. Mirian Avramescu - Romania
27. Bibishev Viacheslav - Russia
28. Mikhail Zlatkovsky - Russia
29. Thubelihle Hlela - South Africa
30. Juli Sanchis - Spain
31. Ismail Hasan - Syria
32. Ismail Kar - Turkey
33. Oguz Gurel - Turkey
34. Serpil Kar - Turkey
35. Valery Chmyriov - Ukraine
36. Vladimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine
37. Raquel Orzuj - Uruguay
38. Andrzej Pacult - USA
39. William H. Lockett - USA
40. Eshonkulov Makhmudjon - Uzbekistan
41. Zordan Daniele - Vicenza

Other (non-contesting) Participants:

1. Justin Nwosu - Nigeria
2. Tim Aimufua - Nigeria
3. Valentine Omem - Nigeria
4. Yinka Sangotoye - Nigeria
5. Eric Jansen - USA
6. Roger Anderson - USA
7. Vincent Bellizia - USA
8. Ian Roy Worrell - USA
9. Scott Dutton - Canada