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About the CAIB

Social Reengineering In Africa Through Pictorial Communication

About the CAIB

The CAIB is an artists-run, multi-purpose and all-inclusive formidable platform to inspire/generate creative and innovations ideas from participants/contestants, across Africa and beyond, as artistic “solution seeds” for African Development.

The project was conceived by the African Press Cartoon Syndication Company (APCSC) and its main collaborators to become the rallying point for African cartoon/comics artists, and the catalyst for social reengineering in Africa through pictorial communication in cartoons, comics, satire and graphic humour, while promoting, properly showcasing and rewarding excellence in African cartooning/comics art industry.

The CAIB Festival strongly encourages the involvement of more female African cartoonists and comic artists in mainstream media art and cartooning business, the grooming of future generations of African cartoonists and comic artists of talent, in a world where communication is inevitable for freedom of expression of personal opinion, the protection of fundamental human rights, patriotism as well as self development and socio-economic empowerment.

The festival promotes the creation and exhibition of satires, graphic humour and multi-disciplinary artworks through the use of the mass media (print and online), new media, cartoon museums, local art galleries and artist-run centers across Africa. These platforms and environments provide cartoonist and comic artists with a distinct professional opportunity to experience the real art world as well as give voices to African cartoonists to comment or prophesy on current social and political events, issues and debates.

Our Vision

To become the rallying point for African cartoonists and comic artists, and the catalyst for reengineering Africa through pictorial communication in cartoons, comics, satire and graphic humour, etc (within the framework of NEPAD, in line with the MDGS and in the context of UNESCO (SHS) initiatives for Africa’s development/productivity), while promoting, properly showcasing and rewarding excellence in African cartooning/comic art industry to achieve holistic, innovative and sustainable development, productivity and great moral capital in Africa.

Looking forward to a decade of challenges and unprecedented success stories, the CAIB Festival synergizes locally, regionally and globally for excellence in artistic expression the African way, while proffering artistic solutions to basic development needs and challenges of Africa’s multifarious economic sectors. The Biennial Festival aims to become a Global Celebration, showcasing the future of African cartoons/comic art within the federal capital territory of Abuja, Nigeria including post-festival touring exhibitions/sales in parts of Africa.

This year, 2011, marks the beginning of a glorious journey that will impact Africa’s development and set a precedence that makes it known that cartoons and comic art do matter a lot to Africa, not just for the poorly motivated cartoons and comic arts practitioners in Africa, but for the whole world who are missing greatly Africa’s contributions in the omnipresent lingua franc of satire and catalyst social change, and for other stakeholders in related fields and businesses across Africa and overseas hitherto losing much due to the ignorance and negligence of the potentials of pictorial communication, graphic humour and satire in this part of the globe.

Lead Organisers

African Press Cartoon Syndication Company (APCSC)

Focuses on promoting press cartoons and cartoonists in Africa. It envisages becoming a rallying point for African press cartoonists of all generations, via cartoon syndication services, digital media and infotainment promotions, gallery business and art representation, cartoon exhibitions, competitions, training/workshops, satirical newspapers and magazine publications, artistic exchanges and cartoon art promotions, etc.

The Beautiful Feet International Art Center (BFIAC)

An arm of the Beautiful Feet International (BFI). The BFI Art Center began in 2003 as an art and literary club popularly known as the Beautiful Feet Kreative Brainz Klub (BFKBK). The art center currently facilitates creative education /enlightenment projects using comics and cartoons, plus it sponsored a Children’s National Art Challenge in December, 2008.

FIC Development Advocacy Through Art (FICDATA)

A community-based visual Art association in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, initiated by the Francodus International Communications (FIC) to help emerging visual artists of talent break even intellectually and financially in their careers, through the FICDATA advocacy art exhibitions, using the language of art to address pressing human development issues and debates, locally, nationally and internationally as well as the Artists Helping Artists (AHA) project.

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